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Our unparallel and powerful resource is for Learner Drivers, Supervisors as well as for Driving Instructing Industry.

For a learner drivers: It has 40 plus driving subjects to learn and revise and prepare for quality driving lessons with a driving instructor. It has the greatest potential to reduce the time and cost of driving lessons and provide professional skills for private practice.

For Supervisors: It has 12 professional teaching techniques and approaches used by the driving instructors in the UK and EU. Once you familiarize yourself with these professioanl skills you will have the confidence to have effective driving practice time with your loved ones.

For Driving Instructors: It has all the driving subjects required for the driving test in the UK. You can use it in your driving lessons and sell them to your clients to boost your business.

For more details pllease watch our video on youtube under the title: "Effective Driving Lessons & Practice - Detailed Book Promo" (4:00sec.) and the link is:

Note: Please remeber this is a pre-launch offer price £50.00 per copy instead of £75.00 per copy for the first 100 copies. Therefore, place your order nasap and before the offer is gone. We plan to post copies from 25th of July. And if we received the printed copies earlier we will start posting earlier otherwise we will have to wait for the printed copies to be delivered to us before we can post them to you. 

£5.00 postage for the UK mainland.  £20.00 for International post will be the cost which you will have to buy separately. We will create a category called International Shipping Cost which you will also have to buy for the postage. Otherwise we won't be able to post you the book and will refund after charning the admin fee of £5.00. So, the total cost with the pre-launch offer to International customers will be £70.25 per book. Thanks for your understanding.

Kind regards

ATLD Team 


Effective Driving Lessons & Practice (Pre-Launch Offer-100Copies)

£75.00 Regular Price
£50.25Sale Price
Color: Black
  • This is a resource guide for learner drivers, Supervisors and driving Instructors. See details below.

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