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Driving Instructor Surgery 

(Live online 1hour interactive sessions with an ADI)

Book and join a1 hour live online session with a qualified driving instructor to find the answer to your burning questions that you may have regarding how to assist a learner driver in your household. Anyone booking a session will have the opportunity to send their burning questions at the time of booking. You can send up to 2 burning questions with your booking but the first question sent by each attendee will have priority over the 2nd question. However, your burning questions must reach us together with your booking, at least eight (8) hours before the session time. We will try our best to answer as satisfactorily as we can and as many questions as possible during 1 hour session. 

        We will give priority to the questions received with the booking before we deal with any questions asked during the session. It will be for the optimal benefit of our attendees as they will receive well prepared and relevant responses with helpful illustrations in our presentation. We aim to run the "Driving Instructor Surgery" sessions on weekly basis. So you can book as many sessions as you like to at a very nominal cost to you. 

Places will be limited for each session. However, each session is aimed at sharing knowledge & skills to build your confidence so that you are more equipped to assist your learner driver. 

         Our Live online sessions will be via ZOOM. The ID and the passcode will be sent to the registered email and possibly to the registered mobile number via regular service/whatsApp number. You must register with full name and also mention your vaild post code in the message area. For the session we will only allow a device showing your First name and the matching post Code. It will be your responsibility to protect the Zoom ID and the Passcode sent to you and you are not allowed to share it with others. Any breach to it will have consequence for future dealings. So take care and be vigilant in this regard. 

To find out more details and to book your place on a session Click Here. 

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