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"It went very great. All to you Suleman, honestly, as you made me put at great ease, even right coming up to the test.I was relaxed enough, confident enough to do my test where I passed with 5 minors which is practically nothning. Again I can't thank you enough..." Yuvraaj 

Yuvraaj passed his driving test on 26th April 2021 at Kingstanding

Rachel from WS10

When asked how are you feeling as you have passed your driving test and have crossed the line, Rachel said, “Shocked, excited, Happy but emotional too”.

What’s next from here for you? “Onwards & upwards and I am going to crack on with plenty more driving. Thank you.

Rabi passed his driving test first time. He was also very fortunate to pass just before the lock-down on 11th March 2020. Rabi was hungry to learn, did his home work and had the great attitude which paid off. It's a success story of a great team work. His mom was also very happy that she didn't have to pay for a 2nd driving test fee. I wish him many happy and safe driving years ahead. SJ

Rabi Passed on 11.03.2020-inked.jpg

Rabi says: "Learning with SJ was great. He taught me what was needed at a comfortable pace for me. He is able to build confidence easily and quickly which led to me passing my driving test first time".

Y. needed a lot more practice and also passed her driving test first time on 10th of August 2020. At times she took her dad for granted but as a whole she had the right attitude to learn. I consider it a great joy and privilege to be able to transfer the life time and important skills to my daughter. SJ

Yaira passed-Ls upside down-inked.jpg

Y. says: "My dad was great at building confidence through driving by practicing things I wasn't comfortable with. I was able to pass first time through my dad's dedication, commitment and passion for his job".

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