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Terms & Conditions: (For Instructors)

1-By applying to our services you give your consent to our terms and conditions below and must tick the box to show that you agree to all of them. All the information you provide us, must be true to the best of your knowledge and belief. No contact details such as phone/mobile numbers or email address allowed in 250/300 words space. Our website host is a GDP compliant and we will abide by it as well.

2-You will be required to pay a 12 months fee upfront to advertise on our website. We may offer special discounts time to time as and when we decide to do so.

3- Once your advertisement has been displayed on our website no refunds will be possible. If your advertisement hasn’t been approved and pending for five working days due to you not responding or not supplying us with any required supporting documents such as a colour copy of your ADI/PDI badge (both sides), we will fully refund you but after 5 working days past, there will be an admin charge of £25.00 and the rest will be refunded to you.

4-Learner drivers / potential customer may contact you directly through your contact number or email given by you on the registration form which will only be shown to our paid customers.

5- The room you offer for the learner driver must be clean to reasonable hygiene standards, safe and with facilities in order according to your description.

6-While learner driver staying at your personal/family or organised accommodation, you the instructor will be responsible for their well-being.

7-Our company (ATLD pvt Ltd), any staff, director or any other representative will not be responsible for any arrangements or agreement (including financial) made and any activity that takes place between you (the instructor, friend or any of your family member) and any client (i-e. a learner driver) etc.

8-We (ATLD pvt Ltd) will not be liable for any harm or damage caused by natural disaster, by you or by the learner driver or by anyone else directly or indirectly or as result of individual or mutual actions at any time. 

9-Before we approve your advertisement to be displayed and live on our website, we may ask you to send us a coloured photo of your valid ADI badge / PDI Badge from both sides. As soon as we have approved it, your advertisement will be live on our website. This process may require few hours.

9-If your present PDI/ADI Badge expires during 12 month paid period. We may take your advert off our website and no refunds will be offered or given by us. It will be your responsibility to email us your new up to date ADI/PDI badge.

10-We as a company (ATLD pvt Ltd) have the right to amend any of the terms and conditions as we see it appropriate at any time without any prior notice given / sent to anyone

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