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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

What is Assist The Learner Driver?

Assist the Learner Driver is a brand new initiative. It benefits the learner and comprehends the learner centred approach. In this approach we invite “the Assistants” (i-e. a family member or a friend of the learner driver) to get to know the recent professional techniques and approaches. Qualified ADIs (Driving Instructors) and others from the driving industry with excellent teaching and presentation skills will be selected to teach and share professional techniques and approaches via an online course to equip “the Assistants”.

The Assistants (A family member or a Friend of a Learner Driver)

Our ATLD online course will equip “the assistants” with the driving industry insights, give them the confidence they need and will enable them to use pro techniques effectively to assist the learner driver. Through this initiative we will create a Trustworthy Tri-Partnership among the Assistant + Learner + ADI. Our course attendees, who intend to become ‘the Assistants’, through this approach, will strengthen and quicken the process effectively for the learner to become a safe, skilled and confident driver. For more details explore our website or, to book your place on our 8 hour course, go to book online page.

Benefits for a Learner Driver

A Learner Driver will lack nothing and have more confidence when the same measures of approaches and techniques are used in lessons with an ADI as well as during Practice times with ‘the Assistant’ (i-e. a family member or a friend). A learner driver won’t have to struggle between any conflict of approach or technique through our initiative that has never been materialised before. This approach of ours, when used effectively, will make the whole process genuinely “Learner Centred” and it will be much more cost and time effective too.

Pros & Cons for the Instructors:

Some of the ADIs may feel threatened as they may see fewer paid lessons for them. However, this dual support will also make the lesson time with an ADI the most effective and will also increase the pass rate. In reality and in the long term this approach is also going to benefit the ADIs in following ways:

1- ADIs with clear teaching talents and presentation skills will have opportunities to equip family members and / a friend of a learner driver and get paid.

2- You will have a nationwide opportunity of reaching & teaching “the Assistants” online.

3- As the rationale behind the driving industry approaches are introduced and explained to the assistants, they will be much more on board with ADIs.

4- You most likely will get the Assistants from your local areas to sit and observe the lessons in your car with a paid learner that they bring to you.

5- Yes, you may have fewer lessons but imagine the improved quality in each lesson and your pass rate will have the possibility to reach higher potentials.

6- It will be a genuinely learner centred approach as the same techniques will be reinforced from two sides.

7- For further details visit our ADI Opportunities page, check the pay rates, and to join read and agree to our terms and conditions, fill in the application form, send us the required items and let us offer you a brand new opportunity.

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