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Driving Teaching Industry, Ongoing Corona Challenges and How to move forward

(How to assist effectively the Learner Driver in your household)

Challenges for the learner drivers and their family and friends:

Often families and friends want to help the learner driver but don't know how to help effectively and get stalled. Also, in these challenging times of Corona virus, often, the driving instructors have to quarantine themselves and the tests get cancelled at the last minutes and the driving gets jolting. Hence, the learners don't have persistent learning patterns to develop good driving habits and can't build up the driving stamina to pass the driving test as the knowledge, understanding and effective practice show gaps like the dodgy pot holes on the road. After some discussions between DVSA and the government (just like the roadside review and feedback sessions between the learner & the instructor) they recently, have rejected the appeal to extend the validity of the driving theory certificates.

So, the gap has increased and the journey to achieve the Full UK driving license has prolonged for many. ADIs are not allowed to give lessons during lockdowns and even after the lockdown they are under high risk of catching the virus from their clients and then potentially, could pass it on to another learner. Feels like going around a major roundabout and not finding the correct exit. In the given the circumstances, most of us are frustrated rightly so. The worrying concern is how long will continue (in danger of colliding with another vehicle)as it doesn’t seem to be under control even after almost a year.

Some impacts of Corona Virus on the Driving Training Industry:

As Corona virus has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives such as education, trainings, work, travel, worship places, shopping, socializing & leisure activities to name the few, the Driving instructing industry is no exception as during the last year, for over six months the ADIs were not allowed (probably, for the right reasons) to give lessons. Honestly, all the ADIs were hit hard as many of them are self-employed while the others who work for the franchised companies were also not better off in the given circumstances. The UK govt has helped the ADIs and others but it can’t go on and on. As our world is not the same anymore, we must find new ways to move forwards (by taking an alternative route).

Progressive Solutions:

After given the green light by the govts., vaccines against the virus have given some hope but they still need be developed more to be 100% sure as the virus changes gears to mutate and new variants spread at higher speed. Thank God for the internet technology in place which make things quickly accessible without leaving our comfort and safety zone. Internet seems to be driving swiftly in top gear as many new solutions are found online. Besides the internet we (i-e.The ADIs + The Learner + Household = family/friends) all need to be on board to make our learners become skilled, confident and safe drivers and pass their driving tests without unnecessary delays. That Tri-partnership approach will make this approach truly "Client Centred" as well.

Online Course: How to assist effectively the Learner Driver in your household

After thinking a lot and working hard over the last few months, we also see rays of hope for the Learner drivers, Households (family and friends) as well as for the ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors with appropriate teaching skills) as we have designed and developed a significantly beneficial online course to equip the households (family members & friends) of the learner drivers to come on board and learn to assist the learner driver effectively.

With our ground breaking, and unique approach “the Assistants” can learn to assist effectively the learner driver in your household and in your safety bubble (when required). The course will be taught by professional driving instructors. The 8 hours Live Online course will cover the most essential but key elements with professional techniques and industry approaches. It will include topical presentations, small group interactions and Q & A opportunities for participants. The attendees will also have access to our online resources for 90 days from the day they start their training with option to extend their access to our resources.

Once learned these professional techniques and they should be able to help effectively more than one learner driver within their household and safety bubble. They will never become a driving instructor with the 8 hours course but they will have the knowledge, confidence for the learner and the understanding for the driving teaching industry.

Don't miss this brand new and unique opportunity to help your learner drivers effectively and book your place before it's taken.

To find out more detail and to book your place visit

To see the content list of the course, go to or click this link:

Thank you for your time and we look forward to meeting you on the course.

Kind regards

SJ (on behalf of the ATLD Team)

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