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ADI's Opportunities

(Earn your living as an ADI's, during & after the "Lock Down")


A very warm welcome to all the ADIs,

TThank you for your interest. This is a brand new opportunity for the ADIs with excellent teaching and presentation skills in our present uncertain and ever-changing world.

           Our ATLD (Assist The Learner Driver) online Course is the result of a lot of thinking, talking with other professionals, family members of learner drivers and working hard over the last many weeks. It is also very relevant to meet the need in our present reality and it's a unique and innovative approach that has never been made available before.

If you are one of those ADIs who may not have excellent teaching and presentation skills and almost thinking of quitting soon! We may have opportunities for you as well so keep reading until the end of the page.

A trustworthy and valuable Tri-Partnership:

           Our ATLD online Course is also about creating a trustworthy and valuable Tri-Partnership among the Assistants + the learners + the ADIs. It will help the Assistants to get to know and trust the industry approaches and techniques and be able to use them effectively.

           A learner Driver will become truly the centre of this learning process while supported from two different angles with same professional techniques and approaches being reinforced upon them.

          ADIs registered with us will also have more opportunities to interact with the Assistants and possibly time to time refine/update the Assistants approaches and techniques through Private lessons, Inviting them to observe a lesson, Giving demonstrations and so on. So the business will have new avenues for ADIs on board with us.

Here are the further details:

  1. Our ATLD online course is about 8 hours for "the Assistants" (family members or friends of learner drivers).

  2. Our online course classes will run throughout the week at different times. When booking online the Assistants would be able to choose the date, days and the time of the course from the options provided by us.         

  3. Our course is divided under 7 sections. To see our Course Content Outline, Click here .

  4. Selected ADIs will be able to teach online class of up to 20 "Assistants". We require minimum of 10 attendees in each class / course. Number of attendees increasing from 11 onwards will also increase hourly payment for the teachers. For further details keep reading or to go directly to the section about payments.

  5. Instructors will have to teach the course online using apps such as ZOOM or other equivalent online platform but only with prior agreement from us the ATLD Ltd.

  6. In this course "the assistants" will be introduced and shown the professional techniques and approaches used by the ADIs.

              In our rapidly and drastically changed world due to Covid-19 where so many new restrictions for ADIs are still in place. We don't really know what lies ahead.  As a result of this, we must all adapt to the new world, to a task which is far beyond the use of masks, shields and sanitizers.

"If one door closes another one opens". Hope, you are able to see that.

        Our new approach brings the family or friends "the Assistants" of a learner drivers on board with ADIs to learn, understand and trust the driving instructing industry approaches and techniques.

We are looking for ADIs:

                A) with excellent teaching and presentation skills and passionate to help the assistant.

                 B) open and  willing to share their professional skills and teaching techniques.

                C) who are able to equip 'the Assistants' effectively with their expert knowledge to the

                    extent that 'the assistants' are prepared to assist their loved ones safely and confidently.

                C) who are able to understand and trust this new initiative that it will make the process                               much more effective, quicker and will keep it truly learner centred                   

What else would you (an ADI) need to have besides Excellent teaching skills?

1- A Laptop/ PC/ ipad that you are able to use efficiently.

2- Internet Connection with a reasonable (Swift) speed in order to use ZOOM Pro. Or an equivalent software (with prior agreement from ATLD) to teach between 10 and 20 people at a time.

3- ADIs (teachers) will be responsible for the cost of any equipment (pc/laptop etc.); Internet service and any software they use including ZOOM Pro. We the ATLD company will not pay or reimburse for any of the above.

4- To become familiarised with our ATLD (Assist The Learner Driver) material and be able to present it proficiently to the Assistants on the course.

5- You must be able to take questions and answer them professionally and satisfactorily.

How much and how often will an ADI be paid?

The full course (including breaks) is about 8hours. You will be paid £20.00 per hour for teaching at least 10 people at a time. Every extra person (up to 20 people) will add 50p per hour to your rate. So could earn up to £200.00GBP should you teach 20 people for 8hours. You will be paid once a month.

What would be the course timings and sessions duration?

We have worked hard to narrow this course down to 8 hours (approximately) with various days and time options to choose from. Please see below:

 Application Procedure:

  1. You must read all the information, term and conditions on our website and agree to them.

  2. You must fill in our Application form correctly and completely.

  3. You must send us:

3.1- Colour Copy (both sides) of your ADI badge.

3.2-Your computer typed & complete notes with any power point presentation on any one of the 7 sections from our course outline. You can also add a video link only if suitable for this subject.

3.4- You must also send us a 2 minutes video presentation on any of the points of your choice from the 7 sections of the course outline.

3.5- Once we have received all the above. We will look at the material and your video presentation. If we like it, we may ask you to send us another computer typed complete notes with a ppp on another section from the Course content outline.

4- Once we have looked through all the above. We may call you for a few minutes interview to see if you are suitable to be hired for your teaching services on hourly basis.



Days & Time Options for ATLD Online Cour

Terms and Conditions:

1- You must be an ADI with excellent teaching skills. 2- You must be passionate to equip the Assistants (course attendees) and be willing to go the extra mile when necessary. 3- You must fill in our registration form for ADIs and send us along with the following information: 4.1: A Coloured Scanned copy of your valid ADI Badge (both sides); 4.2: Complete and typed notes on one of the sessions from our ATLD Course Content chosen by us in a Word file; 4.3: A Power Point presentation on the same topic.; 4.4: A 2 minutes video presentation on the same subject (chosen by us). By sending any of your content to us (ATLD) you show your consent for us to use it as and when we see it appropriate. 5- You must ask and encourage the assistants to give feedback on the course material and on your teaching style which they must send to us directly to receive a certificate for attending the course. 6- By teaching ATLD Course, you give your consent to us that our "Assistant" who completed our ATLD course may sit in your lesson either for 2hours or twice for an hour providing they bring their paid learner with them within the 90 days of the completion of their ATLD course. 7- The ATLD (Owner, CEO, Directors, admin and staff) must have access to your live online class at all times to monitor the efficiency of everything. If you block the access or do not allow the ATLD admin to monitor the course/session, you will not be paid for that Course/session. 8- If for whatever reason you are not able to deliver your course/session, you must let us know 48 hours before your course starts. 9- If you teach the course partially it will be entirely at the discretion of ATLD to decide if and how much you should be paid. Your track record with us will be considered in this regard. 10- Please be advised that you are not employed by us but that we hire you for your services per hour (same as your clients would do). 11- In the event of an Assistant (i-e. a course attendee) disregarding our code of conduct you must report to us so that we can deal with it appropriately. You must however, stay professional at all times. 12- If we find you abusive, rude, under the influence of a drugs/alcohol etc. or displaying any other unacceptable behaviour whilst delivering the course, your service will be terminated immediately and no rewards or payments will be paid for that course or anything else. 13- Once your services have been terminated, you may not apply be able to provide your services for us/ for our clients at ATLD for a period of 12 months. 14- ATLD admin have all the rights to our material and amend our terms and conditions as and when we deem it appropriate.

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