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Assist The Learner Driver (ATLD) Course

(Live Teaching Webinars)

             We are delighted to inform you of our newly designed ATLD Course which we believe is an absolutely essential resource for the friends and family members "The Assistants" of learner drivers.


We have been able to design an 8hours (approximately) course for you 'the Assistants', as a result of our hard work and dedication. This course will give you "the Assistants" confidence, as well as the exposure to professional skills and approaches used by the driving Instructing industry.


Our ATLD Course will be taught in the form of Live teaching Webinars by qualified driving instructors with excellent teaching skills. Our innovative approach creates a ground-breaking opportunity for our respected ADIs to share their skills, make a trustworthy & valuable connection with the 'assistants', and continue to earn living from the profession they are passionate about. Those who joined our ATLD course will also have access to many of our online resources via member's Login for up to 90 days.

        Note: All the other courses are not available at the moment. Hence, some of the links below may not be correct or alive at the moment. We apologise for this temporary inconvenience. 

For further information please take a look at our website Or, use the links to find out about Days & Time Options; Cost, Course Outline (just below), How to registered for the ATLD Course Free Resources, to order any of our products, ADI Opportunities, FAQ Page, Glossary  Please do not hesitate to Contact us if you have questions, we will be happy to assist.

For Instructors

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 Course Outline

1- Introduction:

National Standard for Driver & Rider Training

Challenges & Advantages of assisting a family member

Driving - Assistant - learner (including legal info.)

knowing your learner & their Learning Styles (Visual, Verbal, Written, Demos,Implementation)

Knowing your learner's level (Strengths & Weaknesses)

2- Handling Attitudes, Nerves & Forgetfulness

Nurturing Sense of responsibility

Therapeutic Techniques (Handling emotions & being mindful)

Practice & bite size Revision

3- keeping everything Learner Centred

Recapping (From the known to the unknown)

Giving the learner the missing/ Correct information

Asking questions - Eliciting from the learner

Acknowledging and sincerely apologizing for ones own mistakes)

4-Teaching techniques

Asking Subject related and timely questions (including embedded commands)

Scaling to measure developments

Setting SMART goals (Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Time constraint)

Mind Mapping to illustrate and connect ideas

5- Knowing and Handling potential Risks

Assistant must be aware of any potential risks and be able to deal with them through

Effective Observation (including Mirrors and Blind Spots)

Forward Planning and anticipating

Judging the safe gap

6- Teaching Manoeuvres

Safety, through effective observation

Good clutch control & recognising the biting point

Reference points

The use of You tube videos and Animation Apps

Practicing to master & re-visiting till feel comfortable and in-control.

7- Feedback & Further Development Strategies

Giving feedback in-between and at the end of a session

Setting potential goals for the next session

Driving Test is the minimum standard you need so you must continue learning and developing your driving skills

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