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Further  Details about

ATLD Course (Live Teaching Webinar)

(For Assistants)

             Thank you for your interest in this new and innovative course to help our learner drivers. Most of the details are already spread out in the content section on the Live Teaching Webinar page of this website.

             On this page we will display the dates and timings options of the course for you to choose from. The introductory cost for the 8hrs course, full of driving instructing industry approaches and techniques taught by professionals will be £100/= at this point.

            We believe the demand for this new course will be great not only due to the Covid-19 and social distancing at present but also for many other incredibly positive reasons mentioned on the Webinar page.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. You must agree to all our terms and conditions to use and to benefit from any of our services and products.

  2. To be eligible to attend our ATLD course you must be a full UK driving license holder and the age of 21years or above.

  3. You must fill in the application form to register for the ATLD course and submit to us online with any other information asked, must be sent via email to

  4. By sending us your personal information you are givining your consent to ATLD to use it for our records, in our communication with you, to share any updates or information about our products with you. We will not pass on your information to anyone and will follow the GDPR requirements.

  5. your online class will be minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 attendees.

  6. By giving us your feedback on our ATLD course your name will be entered into our monthly draw automatically. If you won the lucky draw you will be refunded the course fee you paid.

  7. You (the attendee) alone will be responsible for any outcome as you attend our ATLD course and as your implementation of our ATLD course directly or indirectly. You will not hold accountable to us as an organization, any of our staff, teachers/ADIs, CEO, directors, any other associates or any of our printed or digital material/ resource.

  8. If you need to change your date you must let us know 48 hours before the course starts. Once the course has commenced no refunds will be made to the attendees for not being able to attend the course. You may be able to apply for another date /time providing that we have first 10 attendees.

  9. If we ATLD couldn't deliver the course we will fully reimbursed your course fee withing the next 14 working days or earlier.

  10. We The ATLD admin has the right to amend or add to the above terms and conditions without any prior notice if and when we find it appropriate and necessary.

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