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Assist The Learner Driver

Offer price for the first 200 learner drivers is now  £7.50/Yr  instead of £̶1̶5.̶0̶0̶ 

Offer price for the first 100 driving instructors is now £60.00/Yr instead of £̶1̶2̶0̶.̶0̶0̶  

What is a Residential Driving Course?

We believe, learning to drive is a very special time when an individual is investing in a life time qualification which opens so many doors and opportunities in their life. Therefore, they should take the time and give it all for this life changing experience that leads to the beginning of their independent driving life.


There’s no need to procrastinate learning to drive as things only get complicated and expensive each day.


Unlike the traditional driving lessons, Residential Driving Course UK is a brand-new initiative to provide a comprehensive and fully immersed driver training by smart and passionate driving instructors (ADIs or PDIs) who may sign up with us, where a learner driver would be able to choose to stay either at their driving Instructor’s home or nearby and getting all the extra support and training (at intensive or regular pace) in their chosen driving test centre area (for many suitable and logical reasons).


Get on a life-long journey of learning and adapting to be safe and in control driver and not just to pass the driving test.


For driving Instructors with a spare room, and those who are passionate about training and investing in other’s future and claim to be “Client Centred” this is a great opportunity to go an extra mile to support your learner driver. And obviously this opportunity will boost your business with extra reward (income) for lodging 1 or more learner drivers at home or nearby; You will be giving training in your local area; won’t have to drive back and forth to the learner driver’s residence or get stuck in the traffic on the way and so on.

Work smart and not too long or too hard! Give your best and get the best.


Hence, we invite the learner drivers to sign up with us to search driving Instructors offering Residential Driving Courses (as well as for normal courses) on our website.

We also invite ADIs & PDIs to register with us if you have a room to host a learner driver and want to offer Residential Driving Courses to boost your business & Services.

And don’t forget that we are offering a start-up discount for the first few hundreds who would register with us. So hurry up before the offer expires.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Something New & Out of the Box

 Welcome to Assist the Learner Driver. If you are interested in helping your family member(s) or friend(s) become safe, skillful and confident drivers but don't know how, You have come to the right place.


Our new innovative resource "Assist The Learner Driver (ATLD) Course" is a Live online Course (approximately 8hours) taught by our professional and hand picked ADIs. The course will give you the confidence to assist your loved ones to drive safely. You will be given an insight into the skills and professional approaches used by experienced instructors.  Click here to findout more about our ATLD Course.      

If you are an ADI with excellent teaching and presentation skills and passionate to help learner drivers through this new approach and want to know more? Click here.                      

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